“You should try this, it’s really good!”  I looked down to see something that looked like cadaver flesh.  Ok to be honest, I’ve never seen cadaver flesh in person, I’m basing this assessment on my extensive career of movie watching.  I reached down to grab a section.  As the fruit was in transport to my mouth, its odor first assaulted my nose, which immediately raised some red flags.  I had a similar experience with Limburger cheese - it smelled like dirty socks, but didn’t taste as bad as it smelled.  This thought quickly rifled through my mind, so I proceeded to eat on faith alone.  Immediately my taste buds confirmed what my nose complained about.  Out it came.  I don’t think I even started chewing.  Durian fruit is not horrible if one is expecting to eat fruit that tastes like salty, strong onions with a hint of sweet.  I was expecting something very different; thus, my entire being revolted. My Durian fruit experience is not a proper metaphor for my Thailand trip.  It was quit the opposite.  The trip was a nice blend of both vacation and traveling.  Vacationing to me is going some place that allows me to de-stress.  Traveling means to explore, to go and see new things.  The Thailand trip had both elements.

The trip started out in Bangkok where we rode the skytrain out to the Weekend Market.  This is basically a big outdoor Flee Market with lots of local goods at very inexpensive prices.

After Bangkok, we rode a bus out to Ayutthaya, visiting old Buddhist temples (or Wats) along the way.  We then jumped back on said bus and drove out to Kanabanchuri where we stayed at a hotel nestled in the jungle right next to the River Kwai.  We visited more ancient Buddhist temples along the way, rode elephants and then rafts down the River Kwai, visited museums and ate great food.  Last we flew down to Phuket, where we finished off our trip.

Highlights of the trip were seeing the Hellfire Pass located near Kanabanchuri.  (You should Google it, as it has a pretty amazing story).  Next was riding a train through the jungle and then riding a bamboo raft down the River Kwai.  And last, was the trip to Phuket where we dove off the Phi Phi islands and dodged dodgy locals trying to sell us everything from DVDs to massages.  (We gave in to the massages.  How could I not when someone's offering to rub my feet and shins for an hour for $6?!)

Thailand is a country that will make you sweat without moving, it has bugs the size of a man’s hand and lot’s of women with penises (or so I'm told).  The locals are friendly and the food is delicious.  All in all, it's an amazing country to visit.