Holiday in Cambria

"Are you in pain?" Dea wakes me with an odd question at 3:00 in the AM.

"No, should I be in pain," I ask in bewilderment.  "Why would you wake me up with that question?  That's a very strange thing to ask!"

"It's not a big deal, let it go," she barks at me and then rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Immediately, I start checking to see if there are any new sutures laced into my body.  Questions like "Did she harvest my kidney?" start rifling through my mind.  Eventually I relax and go back to sleep.  I asked her in the morning over coffee why she asked me such a question.  "I was half-asleep and I must have dreamed about work.  It was a knee-jerk reaction.  I'm constantly asking patients if they're in pain at work." (She's a nurse in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit.)

Our three-day holiday to Cambria, CA was great (aside from the “pain” question).  I loved walking the town with Dea, picking wild pigmy plums and buying antiquities for our apartment.  This one antique store was a total labyrinth!  It wouldn't end.  Everywhere I turned, a new room would present itself.  This was cool for a while until I started to feel like I was in a Twilight Zone episode.

Cambria is beautiful.  There are tons of wild things everywhere, from blackberries to deer.  We were constantly greeted with smiles.  The food is good.  My recommendation is the Indigo Moon Cafe.  There are lots of great things to see.  Hearst Castle is very opulent and eclectic.  It's definitely worth the $25 it costs for a tour.  The elephant seals on a beach near Hearst Castle are disgusting, yet really interesting to watch; thus, worth the trek out to see them.

From Los Angeles it's only about a four-hour drive. Stopping for lunch or coffee or both in Santa Barbara creates a nice break in the drive.

In summation, Cambria is a perfect weekend getaway to distress.