Cold Activated

“Sean, your job is to mow the lawn this weekend.” “Ok,” was my reply.

My dad used to say this to me ritually during the start of each weekend when I was much younger.  However, his idea of when I needed to work greatly differed from my idea.  NOTE TO ALL PARENTS:  If you give your child a large window of time (like two days) to do their chores, said child will likely wait until the last-minute – generally speaking.  This is especially true when it’s the summer, the sun is out and the surf is up.  My dad used to get so angry with me because I would wait until late Sunday afternoon to finish all of my chores.  “I told you to mow the lawn!” he’d bark at me.  “That doesn’t mean wait until the eleventh hour on Sunday!”

I try letting viewers conjure up their own interpretations to my images.   And there have been lots of interesting interpretations of this image.  However, here is a peak at what fueled this picture.  The above scenario was the primary inspiration for this image, as the title is “Work & Leisure2.”  It’s a loose interpretation considering the model with my dad is a young lady.  I figured a pretty girl would make the image more fun to look at then throwing myself into the photo.  Other inspirations for composition and content came from Sergio Leone movies and my cousin’s unwavering dedication to Spam his friends and family with emails filled with topless women.  (Keep 'em coming Kim...for research purposes, of course.)