NYC Art Show


“I love your work, but you talk too much!” said the Goth-looking woman.  “You’re in New York!  You have to make it quick and to the point.” 

Last week I attended the opening reception to ARThood’s “Great Promise” exhibit.   One of my images from the Jack series was picked to be in the show.

The exhibit opened in the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery on Tuesday, May 28 and ran through June 3rd.

The reception on Wednesday night was cool, yet very sweaty.  Cool meeting lots of different people; however, hot from a room packed full of people.

I decided to go at the last-minute, which didn’t make my bank account very happy.  I also decided to fly my Aunt out as well, which was also very expensive.


My Aunt

A couple of weeks ago I heard a great idea.  The lecturer was talking about how difficult it is for artists to talk about themselves while schmoozing at events.

“So, bring someone who knows you really well to talk you up,” said the Lecturer.

What a great idea!  The last thing I want to do during a conversation is to spout off all things me.  The way I see it is let the other person (in the conversation) ask to hear my stories of grandeur and brilliance.  However, holding off until someone asks me questions about my work could derail the point of using events to promote myself.  That’s where my Aunt came in handy.  She worked the room, talked me up, showed my portfolio, brought people over to meet me, Et cetera.

Advice:  Bring someone who knows you well to events.  It is a huge success!

PS:  Here are some of my favorite pieces from the show:

Artist:    Unknown

Artist:  Unknown

Artist:    Andrea Mary Marshall, 2011

Artist:  Andrea Mary Marshall, 2011