Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

In August 2013 I traveled to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In between meeting the future in-laws, eating an ocean of fish and drinking copious amounts of homemade wine, I managed to create some images.
The island of Brac, Croatia slows you down and suggests relaxation.  It's a rock-lovers paradise, as the island is riddled with tons of white rocks. 
"Where Bosnia starts logic ends," said a man I was talking with at a party, while visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The effects of the Bosnian War are still visible in Mostar (where a lot of my in-laws still live) and there is tension in the air. 
Both locations are beautiful and worth visiting.  The people are non-pretentious; the food and wine are epic!

Food is important here. Eating in Brac is like an athlete training for a sport. The day is centered around the preparation and consumption of food.Wake up, eat a snack. Then, put pants on and walk down to the local farmer's market to buy fish and produce for dinner. On the walk back, stop to have coffee and a pastry. Once back at home, make a proper breakfast. Today's breakfast was scrambled eggs, a tomato, pepper & cucumber salad, prosciutto, ham and three varieties of local cheese. All of this dipped in mayonnaise, which is dispensed from what looks like a toothpaste tube. After breakfast, head out to the beach for a bit, then go for an afternoon coffee and gelato. Walk home and take a nap. Wake up and prepare dinner. Tonight's dinner included muscles steamed in white wine & garlic. Scampi sauted in diced tomatoes, white wine and garlic. Leaf fish baked with rosemary. All of that served with steamed potatoes and chard tossed in olive oil. Homemade red and white wine, dispensed from recycled plastic water bottles, washed down the meal. After dinner, walk down to the cafe for dessert. Tonight, it was gelato with sparkling water. Walk up the hill to the apartment and go to bed. Wake up and do it all over again.

PS: It was all delicious!

PPS:  Oh ya, I also got engaged...and eventually married.