Hadi Tavassol (back, center-right) and his research students get along well with each other.  They also use Chemistry and Materials Science to develop devices for a sustainable energy cycle, an important aspect of human survival.  Their work focuses on fundamental understanding and design of chemical interfaces, especially in electrochemical systems.

Dr. Kasha Slowinska looks into the future, or thinks about lunch (not sure, I can't read minds...yet).  What I do know, is that Dr. Slowinska and her students are working on new ways of delivering medication to cancerous cells.

Dr. Vasanthy Narayanaswami (red scarf) and her students hamming it up in the lab.  The lab focuses on understanding the role of lipoproteins in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Dr. Emel Demircan catches up on current events inside her Robotics lab at Long Beach State University.  Dr. Demircan is the Director of the Human Performance and Robotics Laboratory.  She uses musculoskeletal modeling and motion analysis to improve quality of life by demonstrating cause-and-effect relationships in persons with movement disorders and by predicting the effectiveness of proposed surgical and rehabilitative treatments. 

Artist Brittany Ransom taunts her dog, Bacon, inside her Studio at Long Beach State University.  Ransom explores the relationship humans, animals and environments have with technology.  Her current project enables dog owners to better communicate with their furry friends through the use of dog toys equipped with soft circuit technology.  

Dr. Shadnaz Asgari (orange top) and her student research assistants apply artificial intelligence and signal processing to medical data in an effort to help physicians improve their diagnosis and treatments of patients at the bedside.