Jackson Hole

“It’s colder than a Witch’s tit!”  My dad used to proclaim that when it got down in the 50s during our long hard southern California Winters.

A recent Wintery trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for my 40th birthday toggled my memory back to my dad’s proclamation.   The temperature hovered around 20 degrees (F) at night (a couple of days it was colder!), and 40 degrees during the day.  That’s scarf and glove weather! (And triple layering-down-jacket-beanie-and-snow-proof-boots-weather!)

Jackson Hole is beautiful.  The moose wander down the streets like pedestrians walking to the grocery store.  The people are friendly and non-pretentious.  There are great places to eat.  Watch out for the touristy restaurants, as they are over-priced and under-whelming.  Jackson Hole Tourism offers a variety of ways to see the countryside and wildlife.  Dogs pulled us out to a hot springs.  This was such a cool experience! These Alaskan Huskies love to pull sleds, or so it seemed based on their extreme excitement.  On another day we rode snowmobiles out to Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.  That was pretty cool, but I’m a little bummed I didn’t get to do any stunt driving out in the fresh powder.  I was stuck in a caravan of snowmobilers, all headed out to see the famous geyser.   We went up to ski/snowboard Jackson Hole resort.  That is a killer mountain!  At the top of the tram it looks like the arctic (based on pictures I’ve seen of the Arctic).  There’s a lot of challenging terrain that make it fun for all levels…until all levels get tired, then my ears became filled with quips of “FUCK THIS, I’M OVER IT!!” 

Nights started off sipping a creamy hot chocolate, laced with Rumplemintz, by a giant fireplace, followed by exploring a new restaurant’s take Elk and Bison.  My favorite was the coffee-rubbed Elk filets at a restaurant called Local.  It was delish!