Mod Paul

“Oh, I moisturize at least five times a day!”

For some reason, that’s what I took away from my first encounter with the middle-aged Mod Paul, that and the reddish-blonde pompadour sitting atop his head.    

Mod Paul is a charming, very well dressed Ginger that had the good fortune of retiring early in life.  He has been a hair stylist, interior designer & competitor in Scottish Highland games.  Now Mod Paul’s a surfer, cyclist, Socialite, collector of Mid-Century Modern furniture and of course all things Mod.  He considers himself an American Dandy.    

I often meet Mod Paul for coffee.  The likely scenario goes like this:  He comes sauntering up to the coffee shop, completely detailed out in some punky, yet classy Thom Browne suit, greeting me with a “Hey baby!” coupled with a million-dollar smile.  Me, I’m usually in two-day old hair, surf trunks, a shabby t-shirt and sandals.  We chat about surfing, photo-ideas and local gossip while sipping Macchiatos.  Our meeting usually lasts about 45 minutes, then he goes traipsing off to his next meeting, looking fabulous.  

You can see the world of Mod Paul by following him on Instagram @modpaul_lbc  You can check out my two-day old hair @seandufrene