Art Show

Jack is now gracing the walls of the Huntington Beach Art Center.  He has finally become a star.  Or that’s how it seemed based on all the people stopping to look, laugh, discuss, laugh some more, discuss some more, point, laugh again and then move on to the next art piece.  

The show was bitter-sweet because Jack couldn’t make it.  I asked him what he wanted me to tell his fans.

“Tell them I was invited out to Coors as a guest quality control taster,” said Jack.

Seems to make sense considering his years of experience and devotion to one of golden Colorado’s chief exports, or as Jack puts it “the Nectar of the Gods.”

The show was impressive.  It had a huge turnout, which was great for the art community of Huntington Beach.  People of all ages rotated through the entire show with their wine and snacks furiously discussing all the visual input.  I had a lot of fun looking at the other art and talking with everyone.

Art Show1
Art Show2